3 Pounds of Flax vol 3

by barely free



released May 4, 2013




barely free St Louis, Missouri

collective of musicians based in St. Louis, MO.
email us at burningthecassette@gmail.com
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Track Name: We Kick It
All We Ever Do Is Talk Shit...

we talk shit on the matter of quitting abusing
the misfit consciousness biding time only as time/space
the negative perception of a drawn line
mapping out a guide to redefining our tired lives
a rich way of saying we are bored outside the mind
whatever lays behind will remain behind
for the past recedes the past
back to the beginning of a sly rhyme
& in our passed up lives we've reinvented the crime: expression
no longer lives to live, it only lives to die

masochistic, martyrdom & mass-occurring misfits
we kick it, like the bucket
& hang out like the heavens
just stars, exploding stars above the unsuspecting planets
Track Name: 3 Pounds of Flax
Three pounds of flax

where? There. Stare everywhere.
Unless you like to sit down get the fuck out the chair
we can be together like jefferson air
let's play chess & wrestle with bears
witness the dismiss of treasures & heirs
loom the boomboomroom with peasants and scare
living shit from rich pivot driven pricks
skinny pimps rule with invisible fists
kick frivolous dipshit didthis kids on the lips
don't get it twisted shrimps, this kid iS lifted, snitch
ya think ya tokyo driftin? Slick ya tires
follow the money wires, lift the tint
where's ya next clue, did you get the hint?
Here's three pounds of flax, can you sniff a glimpse?

Are you a gifted imp? Or a simple wimp?
Feel beat down like a wicked gimp?
Let's meet in secret on that magician's tip
this, that, this that militia shit
from dorks to womyn without perfect picture tits
danse on their graves, just lift ya hips
this for the misses that teach them quips
not just bullshit quizzes tips on bell hooks hakim bey or howard zinn
oh, I don't know, I make flows now & then
tap into some chaos, tao or zen
here's three pounds of flax, have you found your chin?
(if not just tap the power within)
Track Name: Off This Grid
Off this grid

growin up I thought rap was a black thing
this map iS a trap, I don't know what i'm asking
fortunes future feral, the musick iS blasting
i'm a paranoid freak til I start relaxing
found the tape, but what was I masking
a world filled with trash, gas & bad acting
my waste of space & facebook what we're lacking
that one thing my dad said bout doing some dad thing
he said, “son I think I raised a rad thief”
he got out a fat sack
I kinda just sat back
& blabbed, “dad, you blow mad trees”
just then found zen in asthma attacking
I gotta book of lies so don't ask where my hat be
the thing about dreams iS that they're always happening
but back to my dad & this that thing
I still can't remember what it iS that i'm asking
til we all fight back & the impact iS lasting
this rooster will crow her cosmic giggle
i'm laughing---GAS
sell your house
smell your ass
this will be the last---ONE
so have---FUN
borrow yer dad's gun
find a real fat one
turn 'em to bacon
but i'm not fakin
don't be mistaken
ya can't boss this kid
can't wait to get off this grid
with a smallish hen
ya know, an awesome squid
Track Name: The Royal We
specific interests, limits within our own perceived limits of breath, the bird flies and the fly skydives without ever once dreaming about death, this iS critical, whether ya politics string along strong or it's kept apolitical, minimal, hope left in the trashheap human rat race, i sleep with my mind on, try to keep the nostalgic rewind gone, instead of automation, dependent like a blind dog, i almost got the job but i wrote down the time wrong, pathway to middle earth, the rebirth of the swan song, locked in a labyrinth that never really got started, whiteflight myth of progress that never departed or took off, instead they cooked the books on the questions to the answers that we still refuse to ask, who what where when how do indeed many things come to pass

and why?

die slow deaths soaked in poisonous syrups


not make union our bodies of weaponry with our minds of spirit


do we humans always have so many questions to ask

here's my why:

so caught up in our questions we forgot the task

so caught up in our questions we forgot the task
Track Name: 3 Roosters

a lonely ole rooster sits the coup

remember those days of us shootin the hoops?

now we're shootin the moon

don't know when but it's soon

so we sit and kill winter with soup and a spoon


an outlaw rooster, no cage in his way

stays on the run, where's a place to stay?

got some thanks to say

and some banks to pay

but how long will it take before they take him away?


a flax fed rooster: tall, happy and fresh

preserving the nerve to break enough thresh - holds

well-aged, comfortable in flesh

low stress, mo chess, no press

what's next iS yo guess

which rooster will he become next?

hopefully the one who gets to have sex