ALLBLAQ! iS a tribute to the black block, the whole block & everyone resisting this bullshit slave protoculture


we met at the corna, wearin all black
for oakland, california and our own damn backs!
our own damn city, our own damn streets!
shopping cart bumpin some kickass beats
nd people honked horns, nd people took fliers
i kinda wish we woulda set the bank on fire
with our lakes on fire in a police state
got friends who rent houses at a low lease rate
some say zero, some say squat
y'all are my heroes, we all we got!
we had the streets for a moment, those streets for a time
let's enact our desires, pull pranks & make crime
fuck every cop across the land
from norf to souf side we fight where we stand
pigs quit yer jobs or off with yer heads
the best lookin cop iS the one who's dead
pigs quit yer jobs get outta the heat
from mid to west coast we takin the streets
and we wearin all black


released February 5, 2012
rooster doctor - korg electribe ER-1, words, vocals, effects




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collective of musicians based in St. Louis, MO.
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