Serial Quiller Remix

by Barely Free & Andrew Broder



In April 2015 , Rickshaw joined forces with Nature Boy and Rooster Jake to make his debut solo effort, Busy to Death. Serial Quiller was the leadoff track, with samples pulled from the podcast Serial.
When we won a chance to have Andrew Broder of FOG do a remix of any song, we eventually decided on this one and he tore it up for us!


yellin at my phone on the curb, like
"what the f them other fellas think they heard?"
slurred words and burnt herbs
split blunts in tip cups
yo, this is a stick up!
y'all leave now
i need to get up in legalese releasing these epiphanies to the fellas
belly on the ground
try not to drool neither, you won't need to be found out
confused like down north and up south
i used to swim around town wit a crowd and a loud mouth
y'all heard it here first
worst theater of the most absurd jerks
one of the worst herds to have occurred on urban dirt
yo, wassup on that fireball, the cinnamon whiskey
what, you mean the earth?
a couple shots of spicy hot squirt
humidity sticky, humanity stripping
we at 801 wit bourbon and a break for spring
rooftop dancing's better in the nude
she dropped her tube top, made the tunes stop
don't be that dude who mocks
our hands and hips were locked in time, stopped
i guess i am still there in some kind of twisted time knot
i guess i know that i'm not
here we go, last call two shots
and a trot back to the squat lots
and i'm not tryin to squabble
but whatever happened to the fingerprints on that brandy bottle?

(Rooster Jake)
Rooster, Chicken
in a rap, be finger lickin
shouts to the traveling finger pickin
musicians and mad magicians
flippin patties, mayonnaise fatty
i got the Skeeter steez and my mood is crappy
like Jane Lane, can't maintain
we blame shame for makin us anxious
obnoxious and thankless
open up the bottle and break this
like some news
once upon a time had nike shoes
a white man tryin to like the Blues
go away, or come back old and gray
don't know what i'm supposed to say:
"just try to go back in the day"
on a field trip, in overalls and some steel tip toe boots
but don't think that we won't scoot
write poems to no one in a open coop
pass the salt-n-pepa, make me wanna shoop
Busy to Death, don't get deuced


released December 2, 2015
Beat by Andrew Broder
Lyrics by Andy & Jake Cohen
OG Production by Barely Free at Nature Boy's House




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